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Simple Rules for Content Marketing

Posted by kevinkemp On September - 20 - 2011

When trying to drive lead generation, it is key to ensure that your content follows six simple rules. They are:
1) Do not make it promotional – they will not get the prospect interested; in fact it will not engage the reader at all. You are not educating, you are selling and this will not excite them.
2) Make it relevant – It must be useful to the reader – if not, they won’t read it.
3) Does it answer a question or problem? – It should answer a specific issue that the prospect is having.
4) Does it make sense – if your content is poorly written, that will be a direct reflection of your business. Make sure it is presented in a thoughtful manner, free of grammar errors
5) Is it relevant to your company – it must tie with your objectives and support your business goals.
6) Provides proof – Make sure that there is objective proof – testimonials, case studies, etc. that show the results. Just stating it in your site does not necessarily make it true.
You need to make sure your content is deemed valuable to the user, or why would they want to spend any time reading it.

Prospects are spending more time doing research whether it is independent, via peers, or through 3rd parties.  The B2B process is highly emotional, due to the personal risks associated with these decisions.  To minimize this fear they aim to eliminate the risk, which is completed by building trust with the potential supplier.  Content marketing develops the trust by building confidence during the decision-making process.  By sharing industry information, educational material, and other best practices in the industry you are building rapport.  In the end it makes it easier for the prospect to justify purchasing your product.  Leverage many different tools including whitepapers, web/podcasts, webinars, videos, articles, etc.  Nurturing the prospect through the prospect will provide better quality leads to the sales reps when the prospect is ready to purchase.

Engagement is key to blogging success!

Posted by kevinkemp On January - 11 - 2011

Based on a survey of CMO’s ran by the eMarketer Magazine it showed that two out of  five companies are managing a blog as part of their online strategy.  While they recognize Facebook and Twitter are rising in importance, they felt that blogging was still the most effective way to communicate with the online market.  This usage will continue to climb as companies see the benefits gained by competitors, such as communications, lead generation, customer service and brand marketing.

Another question that was asked related to what they believed made a blog effective.  Respondents answered that engaging the community and receiving a response was the most effective part of blogging.  As a matter of fact, they sited that twice as much as the next response which was ensuring posts were up-to-date.  The respondents felt that engaging in a conversation was far more important than just pushing information out to the online reader.

Blog2Print completed a survey of 1000 Fortune companies to determine why they launched a blog for their business.  50% of CMO’s polled felt it was a cost of doing business, while 20% felt it was a great lead generation tool, 18% felt it was a tool to be viewed as an expert in the industry, 10% felt it was a way to keep customers and employees updated on the company, while the remainder felt it was good exposure for the company.

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Perseverance vs. Talent

Posted by kevinkemp On January - 5 - 2011

Perseverance has always been a word cast upon those that have had success.  In many venues the effort that someone puts out tends to outweigh the talent or natural ability of the competition.  In business, those who work harder and are willing to face adversity succeed.  Those who rely on purely their natural skill and lack drive tend to fail more often.  The same parallel is reflected in sports.  Take Team Canada at this year’s World Juniors.  Far less talented than teams in recent years, deemed to be unable to win by the experts, but those young men believed they could.  Today they face the final step towards achieving their goal, but reality is they have shown perseverance and been able to succeed.  Those young 17-19 year old men showed us all that perseverance will bring you success, don’t accept what people say you cannot do, show everyone what you can do……Good luck gentlemen.

Email marketing is not about mass marketing which is considered “spamming”, but a drip marketing strategy that involves relevant messages to potential and existing customers with specific “call-to-actions”. Reality is that 57% of people will complete email information requests, allowing companies to create a database of existing customers or prospects that can be nurtured. Email marketing can then allow you to either educate clients on product news or information, or alternatively it can be used to offer specific “call-to-actions”. By utilizing Social Media, it can be a very powerful tool to enhance your on-line presence while nurturing current/potential customers.

Welcome to my Blog

Posted by kevinkemp On November - 26 - 2010

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