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Mobile Marketing – are you targeting the right demographic?

Posted by kevinkemp On February - 13 - 2012

Mobile marketing is increasing at a rapid rate with some estimates having it reach $2.6 billion this year. eMarketer truly believes that this growth will continue $11 Billion by 2016.  While this is obviously a large opportunity it is important to understand the demographic that is most receptive to understand if it fits within your strategy.  Research by eMarketer showed that most men between the age of 18 to 29 were far more receptive to mobile marketing.  They generally liked to receive the ads and also were more likely to remember the ads.  Results showed that 40% enjoyed receiving the ads while 20% said they liked it “very much”.  Women in the same demographic liked it “very much” at a rate of 3%, while liking it in general was 15% – far below the 40% for men of the same demographic.  Another important factor, men were significantly more likely than women to recall having seen a mobile ad on their mobile phone, at 69%.  As smartphone usage continues to increase, mobile marketing will become an effective and important strategy within companies marketing strategies, but it is key to ensure you are investing correctly to target your specific market

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