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The key to Cross-channel Marketing

Posted by kevinkemp On February - 7 - 2012

Consumers have access to infinite amounts of information, whether it is about competitors, your brand, or consumer’s thoughts or experiences.  With all of this data flowing to potential clients, it is important that your strategy be ensuring consistent messaging across all marketing channels.  By ensuring your messaging is consistent across marketing channels, then you will be able to ensure the right message is being received.

A strong cross-channel marketing plan starts with ensuring that you are using various tools.  Email marketing, mobile, social, and website management are important to ensure that you have a strong cross-channel marketing plan.  Starting with email marketing, you will want to use lead nurturing and drip campaign emails to deliver additional information – whether it is for education or service information.  This should be based on targeting specific subscriber lists and communications should be based on time intervals or subscriber action.  Do not spam or over communicate as this will have a negative impact.

Mobile marketing is the next step in an effective cross-channel marketing strategy.  Text alerts are convenient account updates sent to clients’ mobile phones.  You can use text alerts to provide special offers, notify users of urgent information, upcoming changes to account, or other sensitive information.  You should drive text recipients to a mobile landing page where they can opt in to your other programs.

Social Media is another key pillar to the cross-channel marketing strategy.  You will want to allow email marketing and mobile marketing to be directed to your social media.  You will want to have a direct link to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or other key online communities with the click of a button.  Another key step in the process, ensure that you allow subscribers to share it through their social media and ability to forward to a friend.  Make it easier for them to share your content by embedding social network icons or a “Forward to a Friend” button within your emails or other communications.

One of the most important pillars is landing pages on your site.  It is a quick and efficient way to capture customer information without relying on having to make the initial “cold call”.  By building your prospect database, you are able to find more qualified prospects.

It is obvious to most marketers that traditional campaign management no longer works.  Ensuring that you are balancing traditional marketing strategies with strong cross-channel marketing will allow you the opportunity to grow the effectiveness of your campaign.  Contact us to arrange for a complementary Internet Business Assessment today.

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