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Google + – The latest important social media tool or not?

Posted by kevinkemp On January - 24 - 2012

Google launched Google+ in 2011 for two main reasons: 1) to enter into the social media world with a strong offering and 2) Google Buzz was a bust. If you think about who can influence search engine results faster, Google + is definitely the leader. Preliminary results have shown strong growth capturing 40 million users already – 1/3 the size of LinkedIn at 135 million. It still lags behind the 800 million users on Facebook, but it is climbing fast.

Google+ allows businesses to create pages and develop relationships with prospects and customers on multiple levels. Individuals can add a brand to a specific Google+ Circle, share a Google+ page with their network, and interact with the content posted by that company. It is an effective tool to grow your marketing on-line and will continue to grow even further.

Marketers are well aware that any social media platform is important, but one that offers numerous effective tools and is able to improve rankings is a key tool in the arsenal. Google+ will be able to interpret information through your circle, determining and ranking your effectiveness. Unlike Twitter which only shows total followers, Google+ will show the links, quality, and quantity you share with your circles. Another benefit that Google+ brings to search is that results become much harder to cheat. Google can now more easily determine who is a spammer, and watch how they try to influence search results. Google also rolled out its version of the tweet or share button, the +1. These +1 buttons appear in Google’s search results and can be embedded on other websites as well. They are tied to a destination page address, just like shares or tweets are. Google has done a great job in making it easy to use, segment your followers, target more effectively, and ultimately improve lead generation.

Well we do not know if this will be bigger then Facebook, you can determine that it is going to be an important player in the social media realm.

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