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Using Twitter for Business

Posted by kevinkemp On November - 29 - 2011

Twitter originally started as a simple tool for people to easily communicate with each other. By 2011 it has changed into a much larger, successful social media tool. Celebrities, companies, political leaders, and executives use it for many different reasons. Many of the people I meet with always ask how can a business use Twitter. There are many uses for Twitter, some of these include:
1) Market Research – engaging with followers allows companies to gather instant feedback. Ask questions, feedback will be provided by those that are following you.
2) Improving SEO – it is expected that your site evaluation will be impacted by your Social Media. Having many followers, heavy engagement, and using keywords with links to the site will help your SEO efforts.
3) Trend Analysis – Understanding local activity, trends, and what is going on in the market can all be gathered through your followers and by interacting with them.
4) Base Marketing – promoting activities such as trade shows, tweeting promotions, and allowing sales to gather leads will be a use for Twitter.
5) Business Development – Twitter can help you make contacts through your Followers. Asking your supporters, that would be the followers, if they know someone or can introduce you to someone. I constantly see this on other social networking sites such as Happylink and LinkedIn.
6) Customer Service – Answering simple, easy questions can be completed through Twitter
7) Lead Generation – By sharing your information – blogs, articles, seminars, etc. it will allow you to promote these through links back to the activity. By driving them back to a landing page, it will allow you to gather information through registrants.

There are so many uses for Twitter in business, but it starts with creating the strategy, goals, objectives, and laying out the plan. Once you are into the behaviour, you will be able to grow your business.

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