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PPC is not only there to drive sales

Posted by kevinkemp On November - 10 - 2011

Many people are trying to determine if they should use pay-per-click programs on search engines or also in social media. PPC is the ability to bid on keywords and have immediate exposure on the first page. First you must decide what the objective is for the campaign. We tell clients there are generally three main reasons that you would want to do PPC: 1) immediate exposure and drive sales, 2) branding, or 3) consumer research. If you are looking at doing it for sales, then a return on investment analysis should be completed. If you are using it for a branding strategy, it can be to gain exposure of your brand. This is an investment in getting as many visitors to your site as possible, but having just the impressions is important. Lastly, you can even test consumer response. By offering different incentives, using different ads, changing bids to adjust position, etc. are ways to test the reaction of customers. It is a very cost effective way to conduct consumer research. The second decision is whether you will conduct your ads on search engines or social media. This really comes down to your product, demographic, and how targeted you would like it to be. The key to maximizing your PPC campaign – quality landing page, properly written ads, knowing the right media to use, and understanding the proper budget required. It can seem overwhelming, but some people will do the research, invest the time, and learn through trial and error. Others will bring in an expert to get the job completed. Either way, PPC is an effective way to market your brand.

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