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Archive for September, 2011

Simple Rules for Content Marketing

Posted by kevinkemp On September - 20 - 2011

When trying to drive lead generation, it is key to ensure that your content follows six simple rules. They are:
1) Do not make it promotional – they will not get the prospect interested; in fact it will not engage the reader at all. You are not educating, you are selling and this will not excite them.
2) Make it relevant – It must be useful to the reader – if not, they won’t read it.
3) Does it answer a question or problem? – It should answer a specific issue that the prospect is having.
4) Does it make sense – if your content is poorly written, that will be a direct reflection of your business. Make sure it is presented in a thoughtful manner, free of grammar errors
5) Is it relevant to your company – it must tie with your objectives and support your business goals.
6) Provides proof – Make sure that there is objective proof – testimonials, case studies, etc. that show the results. Just stating it in your site does not necessarily make it true.
You need to make sure your content is deemed valuable to the user, or why would they want to spend any time reading it.

Key to selling – Content that Sells

Posted by kevinkemp On September - 13 - 2011

With more and more prospects using the internet to research prior to making a purchasing decision, content marketing has become even more important. Whether B2B or B2C, your content can provide the necessary marketing to drive the sale. B2B buying is an emotional process that lends itself to irrational behaviour or quick decisions. It is important that your content speak to these prospects. B2B marketers need to eliminate the fear of purchase by ensuring trust is built with the prospect. Content marketing is the first important step to establishing this trust.
First, don’t focus on the benefit or your product or service, but the benefits of employing your product or service for their business. Some of this content should be testimonials, case studies, information guides, presentations, or articles just to name a few. Effective content marketing is key to creating demand for your product through lead generation, lead nurturing, or helping determine the “hotness” of a lead. Content marketing is the key to building the trust and expertise position with prospects and clients.

The Value of Testimonials

Posted by kevinkemp On September - 1 - 2011

The most affordable marketing tool is testimonials from a happy customer. It tells the prospects how great you are and is far more credible then if you put it on your site yourself. Testimonials are far more believable and tend to get a more positive response. Here are some suggestions to get testimonials from clients:

1) Ask your best customer to give you a testimonial. When people are happy they are less likely to make comments, so you will have to ask for their testimonial.
2) Watch for comments during conversations that may be extremely valuable. Comments during normal conversation are very heart-felt and are usually unsolicited. Ask them if you can quote them, write it up, email them for approval, and you have a high-quality testimonial.
3) Leverage the use of video – have the client provide a video testimonial. This can be posted on your site, or better yet your YouTube Channel. A powerful testimonial that provides a visual impact.

Testimonials are an incredible marketing tool that will help make prospects see the value in your services from what is perceived to be an unbiased and objective opinion.